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Art & Meditation - A Fabulous Ten Week Course

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Location: Brighton


This is a creative course for those who are interested in scheduling in a some time for themselves to reconnect, reflect, relax and get in touch with their inner artist. Over the weeks you develop your own style and get to see others unique ways of painting. The course offers a reflective and non judgemental space in which you gain an understanding of the therapeutic quality of art and the meaning of colour, symbolism and patterns that appear in the artworks created. The classes help reduce stress, anxiety and depression and can help gain new insights, self awareness, energy and zest for life.


The meditation part of the course is based on mindfulness and focuses on the body as well as the mind. 

You won't need any previous experience, all techniques are simple to learn and offer the opportunity to experiment and further explore. The emphasis is on the creative process and not on the result of your art work. This is often a relief to those who haven't held a brush for a long time and gives space to playfully approach the process. 

This class is open to any adult interested in personal growth and increasing creativity levels. 


Sunday workshops: 

Art & Meditation

Time: Every first Sunday of the month 1.30pm-3pm
Location: Brighton


A creative, fun, yet relaxing class using a combination of meditation (mindfulness) and painting techniques to reconnect with yourself, quiet your mind, find inner peace and relaxation.
You don't need any meditation or artistic experience to participate. 
After you've participated in one of these classes you may like to start the ten week course (see above) which uses a similar approach and offers a regular continuation and development. 


Other courses:

Creating Mindfully - Recovering from cancer

When: Every first Sunday of the month 3.30pm - 5pm

Location: Brighton

This workshop is especially designed for those that have recovered or are recovering from cancer and would like to share a creative space where they can connect with themselves and eachother. 

There is no need to worry if you haven't got previous experience in painting or drawing. It isn't about creating a master piece but all about enjoying the creative process.

It isn't always easy to talk about your experiences to others in your own circle and sometimes it may just be very difficult to find the right words to express what it is that you need or are going through.

We will focus in this workshop on mindfulness, your own unique creative experience, the importance of having a moment for yourself and a lot of 'letting go': Letting go of whatever it is that doesn't serve you, letting go of stress and tension and once that is done you are invited to embrace creativity and life as it presents itself in the moment.



“Anniek's classes are wonderfully relaxing, she's very calm and patient and the class is in a lovely space. The technique she uses is great - there's honestly no need to have any artistic skill! I learnt some really interesting things from my painting, and I left every class feeling a thousand times calmer than when I walked in. I would thoroughly recommend trying this class.” 

"When I first joined Anniek's class, I was in a bad place emotionally because of family problems and I was also having to deal with loss. Anniek exudes serenity and empathy.  With her gentle support and wisdom I gained an insight which enabled me better to understand both myself and my family and I could then cope with and sort out my problems with confidence."

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