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I am an Artistic Therapist registered in the UK with the governing body CAHSC and the professional association AATA. I have worked as a therapist for over 15 years and am still fascinated by each client’s unique process and courage to welcome change, self-development and improvement.

To see a positive change in your life you need to have the intention to change it. Going to see a therapist for the first time can feel a bit scary or intimidating. However this is an important step, which reflects your intention of wanting to improve your self, your situation or your health.

It is a great privilege to be able to support people and guide them through a personal and artistic journey towards recovery and help regaining ones’ balance.

Your life or health situation doesn’t need to be extremely challenging for you to see a therapist. More people recognise the positive effects of seeing a therapist on a regular basis can have on their lives. It can improve their communication and quality of relationships, it keeps them more focused and through increased self awareness gives them the ability to cope better with life and its challenges. Therefore visiting a therapist can be useful for anyone at any stage in his or her life.

I have worked and still work with adults and children with a wide range of challenges such as trauma, learning difficulties, loss, anxiety and depression. I facilitate workshops and courses in London, Brighton and overseas and work with businesses on optimising creativity and productivity of their workforce.

Anything to do with the mind intruigues me which currently includes the practice of mindfulness, yoga, meditation and research into perception, habits, conditioning, symbolism and colour experience to name a few. As an exhibiting artist - creating paintings, sculptures and installations - I have great appreciation of the creative process and I can't imagine a life without it.

If you'd like more information on how my sessions may be able to help you, feel free to contact me. 

I'm looking forward to meeting you in my practice in Bakerstreet London or in the studio in Brighton.

Warm wishes,

Anniek Verholt – Artistic Therapist BA, MA, CAHSC, AATA


Write this number: 4317

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