How it works

From my private practice in Baker street, London I offer individual sessions, group sessions and therapeutic art classes for adults and children that have an interest in improving their health and wellbeing. Working with healing arts gives an opportunity to release tension and anxiety and supports a recovery process through practicing mindfulness and working on free expressive or guided artistic exercises.

Over the past years I have build up a professional referral network of practitioners including: GP’s, homeopaths, psychotherapists, osteopaths and teachers. I also work with clients who self refer.

Tailor made therapy
Many people require a form of support at some point in their lives. Everyone is different; everyone experiences life, challenges and illness in a different way.  I see each one of my clients as a unique individual, with their unique history and ways of experiencing life, therefore, an artistic therapy plan will be tailor made to the unique needs of each client.

How does it work?
We always start with a first consultation. In this first session I will take your details, you can ask any questions and describe your reasons or interest for starting therapy.  We agree on a regular time and day that we will be meeting each other, in most cases this is once a week but in certain situations it can be more frequent.

A regular session starts with some time for reflection on the week that has passed followed by a guided artistic activity and time to discuss this unique process.  A lot of the artistic work is based on specific themes, stories or dreams that you can relate to. Materials such as paint, pastels, pencils and clay are available for you to work with. You will be guided step by step through the artistic process, it being a painting, collage, drawing or clay sculpture. Colour experience, mindfulness, meditation, visualisation and relaxation may also be integrated into your sessions.


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